Miami : Husband stabs well-known transgender Miami actress – . (51)

Miami :

A Miami man was arrested, after notifying police that he had stabbed his wife, a well-known transgender woman from Miami.

Ygor Arruda Sousa, 28, appeared crying and wearing an anti-suicide vest on bail court this Wednesday where he said he was lost in drugs.

Miami police went to an apartment in a downtown skyscraper Tuesday and arrested the suspect. Authorities confirmed the woman’s death at the scene, according to the arrest report.

The investigation found that the suspect called 911 about 4:25 a.m. Tuesday and said he had killed his wife with a knife, the arrest report said. The man remained at the scene of the 1902 apartment at Northeast 58 and 14th Street.

According to the report, the defendant called the police saying that he had killed his wife

The detainee, who offered no resistance during his arrest, now faces charges of murder in the second degree, for killing Yunieski Herrera, who went by the stage name Yuni Carey, with a weapon. And it was a well-known Cuban transgender who regularly appeared on the stage of the Night Club Azúcar in Miami.

Today relatives, friends and acquaintances spoke of his death. And of the cases of domestic violence among the LGBT community as something real, which not even the victims speak of.

Alexis Fernandez known as “Mari Trini” and owner of the Night Club Azucar said that “transgender women continue and will continue to experience a lot of discrimination. Sometimes, because they see them different, they don’t treat them the same as other women ”.

Francesco Duberli, from the Survivors Pathway Organization considers that “there is still a stigma within our own community in terms of saying ok… I’m going through an abusive relationship”.

Shocked from Cuba, the brother of the well-known transgender of Cuban origin spoke with Telemundo 51 and said that he knew that the couple “was going to get married, that he treated her well” and that they intended to buy a house.

Yunieski Herrera was the first transgender person in Cuba in whose passport the “M” for male was changed to the “F” for female.

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