Miami : “Intelligence did not merit calling the National Guard to the Capitol”

Miami :

The former head of security (sergeant at arms) of the United States House of Representatives, Paul Irving, declared this Tuesday in a Senate hearing that the National Guard was not called during the assault on the Capitol last January 6, because the intelligence information did not warrant the presence of the troops.

In this way, he denied that security was not based on what they were observing, the forcible entry of hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump, into the headquarters of Congress, to request reinforcements.

Also, the former agent made his comments in written testimony for two Senate committees investigating security preparations and response to the attack.

Assault on the Capitol

The hearing of the Commission on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and the Commission on Rules and Administration is the first time that the American public has heard the account of the main people in charge of the security of the Capitol about the events that occurred that day.

Irving and former Senate Arms Sergeant Michael C. Stenger have been criticized for failing to act quickly to call in the National Guard to help them contain the crowd. They both resigned after the assault on the Capitol.

“The ‘observation’, as the press has put it, did not determine our security posture,” Irving said.

“We discussed whether intelligence warranted having troops on Capitol Hill, and our collective judgment at the time was no.”

Much is still unknown about what happened during the assault and it is hoped that lawmakers will try to extract enough information from the witnesses to learn how so many things went wrong that day.

In this way, they want to know, among other things, if the law enforcement agencies knew of any plans for violence for that day, how the agencies share that information with each other and why the Capitol police were so poorly prepared for such an assault. kind.

With information from Voice of America

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