Miami : Isaías forces restaurants to close –

In the midst of a pandemic, a new threat arises. This time, meteorological and as ordered by the city of Miami, the restaurants will have to collect chairs and tables outdoors before midnight on Thursday.

For restaurants such as the wagon or the Versailles, the order involves collecting these tents, installed just a few days ago in the parking lots.

Mayor Francis Suárez says he prefers to avoid the dangers associated with rains and floods like these, recently registered in various areas of the city …

Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, says “Prepare now. We never know the intensity of the storm. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. “

For his part, Miami Dade County Mayor said “that if necessary they would activate 20 shelters, but so far there are no evacuation plans.”

Carlos Giménez says that “everyone must make sure that their emergency equipment such as shutters and battery radios are working. Check that they have enough canned food and three days of water for each person. ”