Miami : Large influx of passengers after reestablishing direct flights between Miami and Havana – . (51)

Miami :

Cuba reopened its main international airport, the José Martí in Havana, so this Sunday the first direct flights to the island left Miami, after 8 months of the capital being closed due to the pandemic, while this Monday they looked long lines of travelers heading to the island from Miami International Airport (MIA).

Cuba announced that it will carry out PCR tests on all passengers arriving in the country and will charge a fee of $ 30 from December 1. Cubans who intend to travel will have to pay $ 40 to be tested for coronavirus.

The Castro regime eliminated the restriction of two pieces of luggage of 32 kilograms each per person. Now 125 kilograms are allowed, with 30 of them free of customs cost.

The authorities of Havana advise travelers to remain traceable and to comply with sanitary measures within their homes, which they should not leave for visits or receive them within 5 days.

The parcel company DHL has also announced that it is restoring its services in Cuba with the reopening of the Havana International Airport and the control of the pandemic by the authorities.

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