Miami : Las 5 del 51 – The main news of the day – . (51)

Miami :

Today is Friday, November 20 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- One week before Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control asks Americans to avoid trips and family gatherings. The recommendation comes after the coronavirus infections and deaths skyrocket. If you already have a scheduled flight and want to cancel your reservation, contact your airline to see if you receive a refund or credit.

2.- Hundreds of Miami residents and business owners, affected by the pandemic, can already count on the aid plan created by the city authorities, which includes $ 8.5 million dollars to alleviate the problem of eviction and loss of employment. Here more details on how to apply.

3.- As of Sunday, November 29, a new ferry service of the Poseidón company will begin to operate between downtown from Miami and South Beach. The 65-foot ferry will carry up to 149 people across the bay. It will run from the James L. Knight Center to the Bentley Bay marina. It will take 16 minutes each way and the fare will be $ 3 each way.

4.- Anyone who does not wear a mask in public in Key West will be fined as of today, as decided unanimously by the city commission. Anyone over 6 years of age must use it, whether or not they have social distance, and whoever disobeys will face civil penalties and even criminal penalties, including fines of up to $ 500 for those who incur the fault several times.

5.- Ozuna turned on social networks by publishing a photo where he appears with only a small towel covering his crotch, while lying on the floor in front of a pool. Two hours after the publication, the photo had more than half a million likes and about 81,000 comments.

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