Miami : Man arrested who evaded officers and crashed into two vehicles – . (51)

Miami :

A Miami driver nearly collided with two police cars and ended up crashing into a parked car that hit a utility pole, according to Miami police, which ended up arresting the alleged perpetrator.

According to the authorities, it all started when the detainee, driving at high speed, passed very close to two patrol vehicles that had the emergency lights on and the officers were seated inside.

Kenia Fallat, a Miami police spokeswoman, explained that the officers tried to stop the car, which continued at high speed.

Subject hit a vehicle and continued. After hitting this second car, the authorities managed to stop it.

“I was on a suspended license for more than six months. And the most severe charge is evading the police, “Fallat said.

The incident occurred shortly after 2:30 a.m. on 2nd Avenue and 17th Street in the city of Miami.

A great roar heard a neighbor in the sector at dawn. The noise turned out to be a massive shock. The speeding car collided with another parked vehicle, which in turn crashed into a pole.

Dwayne Jones, a neighbor of the sector, told what happened. “As soon as this happened, the policeman grabbed him. Unbelievably when they pulled him out of the car to arrest him, he was still trying to get away. “

The man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. The authorities have not reported the identity of the arrested subject. They are still investigating whether alcohol was a factor in this incident.

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