Miami : Man is left homeless after his house is demolished – .

On Friday, in a matter of hours, Michael’s neighbors organized, made a collection to raise money and pay him a temporary hotel room where he can live in a dignified way. Starting this Tuesday, you will move to another hotel that the city of Miami will pay for for 14 days.

Milton Vickers, director of the department of human services of the city of Miami, that those weeks “will give them time to find him a transitional house or even a permanent place where he can have the care he needs to live better.”

The man who lived in a house in Miami that was demolished because it was no longer safe, spent the weekend in a place that the community provided.

City representatives told how the house was demolished, with one person living in the house.

Asael Marrero, director of the Miami city construction department explained that if he knew that “there was a person living in the house, the conversation would have changed and we would have directed him to another department that has programs for this type of property, which gives him loans and help for make the house habitable. “

Michael lived 30 years of his life in the demolished house, his family owned it but no one is left alive. However, from the city they confirmed that the house was registered to a person in Gainesville and with a postal address.

“That person never responded to the city’s efforts to contact her and that is why Mr. Hamilton was living in this home,” authorities said.

The private company in charge of the demolition must finish the job. The building department will put up grass and a fence, then follow the legal process like all homes or land whose owners never show up again.