Miami : Man shot in his own apartment –

One man shot another in the victim’s own apartment.

“He was wearing a helmet, possibly white, we don’t know if he registered with the security officer but went up to the 15th floor”

There, according to the police, a kind of altercation occurred that ended violently.

“The gunman wounded the victim multiple times, we are looking at surveillance cameras.”

Miami police activated all protocols and are searching for the suspect even under the stones.

“We don’t know if the victim and the gunman know each other, but the 20-year-old victim is critical of Jackson.”

Neighbors were terrified to hear the bullets and patrols. Some described the event as unusual.

The shooting occurred just before 2 p.m. at 770 Claugthon Island Drive.

Police continue to search for the suspect and believe that he is still armed.