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Miami :

The Miami art scene keeps alive the motto that the “show must continue” with numerous fairs migrating to the digital world, exhibitions in hotels, museums and parks this first week of December, despite the cancellation of Art Basel Miami Beach by the impact of the pandemic.

Neither the difficult times due to the coronavirus nor the absence of Art Basel, considered the largest art fair in the world, have diminished the guild’s drive or its ability to resist, as in the case of the Pinta Miami event, in which Ibero-American art exerts its power of seduction online.

“I am an optimist and I believe that, despite the fact that the industry is hit, it knows how to handle it thanks to years of experience and it teaches us that the virtual part will remain and cross borders without diminishing passion for art”, said Diego Costa Peuser , CEO of Pinta Miami.

The Argentine Costa Peuser inaugurates the virtual visit to the fair in which 400 Ibero-American artists exhibit and some 80 galleries participate, of these 40 from Latin America, 10 from the United States and the rest of Europe.

Despite the current adversities, “gallery owners remain passionate and selling art online.” “With what they sell they hold out,” he said.

This edition, with a hybrid format, will have its physical bet with the exhibition of installations by the consecrated Brazilian artist Lydia Okumura (Sao Paulo, 1948) at the Atchugarri Foundation in Miami, with a maximum of 50 people per hour and the mandatory use of masks and social distance.

So no disappointment. Art once again replicates the contemporary world in Miami with events such as the Design Miami / Design District, Miami Art Week, the free virtual program of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, NADA, ICA-Miami and CONTEXT art, among others.

Work “Fleurs du mal” (The flowers of evil) by the South African artist Kendall Geers exhibited in the exhibition “Witness: Afro Perspectives from the Jorge M. Perez Collection”. “Where are our previous lives? Where are our old desires?” Asks in a reference to pre-colonial Africa one of the artists of “Witness” (Witnesses).

To show Salvador Dalí, surrealism and emerging artists, the exhibition The Real Surreal appears, which brings together “rare and precious” pieces by the Spanish surrealist painter as a “hope for survival”, including a bronze sculpture inspired by the legend of “Saint George and the Dragon” 3 meters high and 453 kilos of weight, The Art Plug said in a statement.

Organized by Bertrand Epaud, consultant and expert on the preeminent Spanish artist, and the Marcel Katz Art gallery in Miami, the exhibition can be seen at The Confidante Miami Beach hotel.

The Pérez Art Museum program offers a free online version that celebrates the fascinating cultural and social diversity of this city with the exhibitions Allied with Power and MY BODY, MY RULES.

The program includes the possibility of visiting the exhibition Allied with Power: African and African Diaspora Art in person. The prestigious Margulies at the Warehouse Collection, located in the artistic neighborhood of Wynwood, joins “the artistic community of Miami with a special program “, which can be seen accompanied by a guide.

The works include the installation “Subway” (1968), made in plaster, metal and glass by the American painter and sculptor George Segal, and the video art “National Anthem” (2018), by the Japanese-German Kota Ezawa.

Work “Rwanda” by the Cameroonian painter Barthélémy Toguo exhibited in the exhibition “Witness: Afro Perspectives from the Jorge M. Perez Collection” which opened this week at El Espacio 23, the “home” of the art collection of the businessman and patron of Cuban origin Jorge Pérez in Miami, Florida.

As in previous editions, the Design Miami event, of which Art Basel is a partner, arouses the greatest interest of visual arts lovers due to the presence of a dozen prestigious galleries installed in the historic Moore Building, in the emerging Design District .

CONTEXT Art Miami and Art Miami are committed from December 2 to 20 to reinforce the digital part, replacing the physical visit, with the participation of 150 prominent galleries from around the world and the possibility of acquiring the works of emerging artists.

For his part, the Peruvian artist based in Miami, William Córdova faces this crisis situation that affects the sector with the shared project AIM Biennial, a way for some eighty “local artists to exhibit their installations and works.”

“With an emphasis on ritual, these installations have been produced in response to the historic landscapes of our region with their urban architecture,” or landscape architecture, Córdova said in a statement.

Countless works by galleries from all over the world will parade through hotel lobbies, cultural spaces, public parks and urban areas.

The Faena hotel presents the exhibition “Dreaming with Lions”, a monumental installation by Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea, while the Shelborne South Beach, in collaboration with the Museum of Graffiti, will immerse the visitor in the work “Symbiosis”, by the creator multidisciplinary Gustavo Oviedo.

Oviedo, based in Miami, will be present and will comment, after the screening of his new documentary, the powerful influence of Bahía Vizcaíno (Biscayne Bay) in his work.

The Sagamore hotel also joins the artistic framework with the proposal of some thirty creators from Miami: Everyone has a story to tell! (Everyone has a story to tell! “), And the Kimpton hotel joins the formula” Sangria & Ceramics: Art for the Fun of it Workshop “, a kind of workshop that local ceramic artist Sarah Glass offers to participants willing to model and paint their own ceramic piece.

Virtual programs and extensive security measures do not discourage organizers and galleries, willing to maintain their commitment to culture.

All in order to avoid the cultural stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic, or at least alleviate its devastating effect on this industry.

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