Miami : Miami collects aid for those affected by hurricanes in Central America – . (51)

Miami :

Chaos and devastation still reign in Central America after the powerful hurricanes Eta and Iota that have left a trail of death, mourning and hopelessness …

Millions of people are living in the open in Nicaragua and Honduras, the two countries most affected by the fury of the winds and the rain that swept away everything after their passage.

While in Miami, Central Americans have come together in Doral to bring strength and hope to these two sister nations that share the pain of seeing so many families affected.

Given the bleak outlook in South Florida, people are joining the initiative to gather food for the victims in those sister countries.

Donations of food, medicine and clothing are received in a Doral parking lot, located at 1520 NW and 79 Ave. Deliveries can be made throughout the week between 7 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

For donations of cash, the American-Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) has made the following account available:
Bank of America – 8980-1450-9194. ABA: 063100277. Concept: Hurricane Help.

After three days of work, several volunteers celebrated that a container is ready to be shipped to Honduras. In Nicaragua, religious leaders claim to be waiting for this container of humanitarian aid.

Bringing this aid to isolated communities, homeless children, the elderly and families who have lost everything is what motivates dozens of volunteers who continue to work here with hearts united with their own.

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