Miami : Miami Mayor seeks to prioritize residents undergoing vaccination – . (51)

Miami :

Miami Mayor Francis Suárez filed a request at the commission meeting asking the city attorney and the administrator’s office to take legal steps to prevent non-residents from getting vaccinated first than vulnerable people and those over 65 who they live in the locality.

In recent weeks there have been reports of tourists coming to South Florida to get the vaccine.

Responding to criticism over controls to reserve vaccines exclusively for residents, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday that the state is not promoting “vaccine tourism,” but did not announce any concrete measures.

As the high demand for appointments to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine continues, local and state authorities are looking to expand the sites to distribute them. This Wednesday the incorporation of the Miami Zoo as one of the new vaccination sites was announced, which will open this week.

There are about 465,000 residents over 65 in Miami-Dade and they estimate that just over half want to get vaccinated for now. The state of Florida is receiving about 250 thousand vaccinations weekly and in the county about 80 thousand people have been vaccinated as of this Wednesday.

According to official figures, 648,353 people have been vaccinated as of Wednesday in Florida, and of them 51,234 have received the two necessary doses.

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