Miami : Musician dies after consuming unknown substance in a bar in McAllen – .

MCALLEN, Texas – McAllen police reported Saturday that a man died and three others may remain hospitalized after using an unknown drug.

According to authorities, the four men were located around 1:00 am on Saturday in the bathroom of a business located on the 400 block of South 17th Street.

The victim was identified as Sergio Sánchez, 29, from Alamo and a member of the Banda Sinaloense La Nueva Generación de Chuy Hernández, who played the trombone.

“While the band fulfilled their participation, they were victims of evil, which unfortunately is experienced in the world,” said Gustavos Guarneros, director of the band, through a statement.

According to the statement issued, trumpet players Víctor Soto and Eduardo Paredes are in intensive care at a McAllen hospital.

“The reason for the events and the exact manner in which they happened is unknown, since the members of the band were on rest and so far the survivors have not been able to give statements of the events,” Guarneros said.

Guarneros added the following: “We reaffirm the need for more control of dangerous substances, we appreciate all the expressions of affection and support towards the group as well as their understanding that we can not give more statements. We ask that the information be handled truthfully now. that our colleagues were victims of an unfortunate attack in the performance of their work. ”