Miami : Neighbors identify father and daughter involved in homicide-suicide case –

Davie police are investigating the death of a girl and her father in an alleged homicide-suicide case, which occurred Monday in the city of Davie, in Broward County.

Davie police officers said the father shot his daughter before shooting himself and both died at the scene.

This Tuesday, the name of the little girl was known, thanks to family neighbors. Angela Ng, who they remember as a happy child, but apparently terminal femur cancer would have indefinitely bedridden her. The painful diagnosis, according to neighbors who did not want to speak on cameras, plunged their parents into deep sadness.

The incident occurred at 14690 Southwest and 18 Davie Court. Preliminary information indicates that city police arrived at the scene around 8:47 am and found the bodies of the adult and the minor.

This Monday, the residents of this neighborhood in Davie woke up to the painful news that the 11-year-old girl had died after being shot several times by her own father, whom the neighbors identified as Kenbian Ng, and who later became took his life.

Charlene Wealth, a Davie resident, points out that “evidently she was so ill that this man did not want to see her suffer, that is my opinion, although I do not know for sure, this neighbor of the family regrets.”

The mother was at home preparing breakfast when she heard the shots, according to the police report.

Davie Police Lt. Mark Leone said that “while we spoke with the mother she told us that the girl was terminally ill, which is possibly the cause of this tragic incident.”

The man who shot his daughter and then shot himself was taken to a nearby hospital where he died minutes later. The girl died on the spot.

The police believe that everything happened in one of the rooms of the house while the mother was in the kitchen preparing some food.

The names of those involved had not been released at the time the information was released Monday because the entire family had not been notified of the tragic news.