Miami : New test center opens in Miami Lakes this Monday – Telemundo Miami (51)

The team of “Somos Community Care” from New York arrived in a small plane at Opa Locka airport.

The founder and president of Somos Community Care, Dr. Ramón Tallac, said that “there are cities where there are Hispanics, including Miami Lakes and Hialeah” that need your help.

This COVID-19 testing site has been a wish of the Miami Lakes City Mayor Manny Cid. “We want to be sure that the tests done are more accessible to the community. We know that there are many people who do not have insurance and these exams are going to be completely free for our community. ”

The testing site will be located at the Town of Miami Lakes Youth Center located at 6075 Miami Lakes Dr. The arrival of this new testing site at Miami Lakes is also the result of a young man who has wanted to help this community.

Alex Damirón, the Chief of Staff of Somos Community Care is a son of this area. “I grew up in the city of Miami Lakes and in Hialeah. I got to know who the mayor of the city is now, who opened the doors at once and has been asking for help to open a COVID-19 center in his city for a long time. ”

The center, which will offer COVID-19 antibody testing and examination services, will be open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1pm and will be led by Dr. Jacqueline Delmont, SOMOS Medical Director.

“We have a lot of experience. We have done more than 170 thousand tests so far this March. And more than 50,000 of blood. We are not going to stop. We’ll probably do about 300 to start with, ”said Dr. Ramón Tallac.

Appointments can be made over the phone 1-833-SOMOS-NY and also through the website WWW.SOMOSNY.COM. Patients do not need to make an appointment, they must present a photo identification and medical insurance card, if they have one.

“Here (the tests) are going to be walking, so that people with limited resources have access to see us,” said the president of Somos Community Care, Dr. Ramón Tallac.