Miami : Palm Beach County Suffers Closeness to Isaias –

The beginning of the night in West Palm Beach went smoothly, some people even enjoyed dining outside, but by dawn this Sunday that reality should change in the face of the tropical storm Isaías.

“We came to eat we tried to eat before the storm came and we even came prepared for the rain but it has not rained and the day has been totally beautiful so we are enjoying ourselves,” said Ana Moro, a West Palm Beach resident.

All this while the storm Isaías is expected to affect the area very soon, where it should pass as a category 1 hurricane according to forecasts, although it now remains a tropical storm.

Governor Ron DeSantis warned that you have to be very vigilant and not let your guard down. “The dry air helped weaken it, however we expect it to gain strength as the night passes and it returns to hurricane status.”

Earlier some people reached the beach, this despite the fact that they were closed by the authorities, as well as public parks. The most risky even surfed, others simply came to see the sea conditions, but with all the forecasts taken.

In the early hours of this Sunday it will have its closest proximity to the coasts of Florida.

“We already put the shutters, we bought water and food, the children are located. You see that there are a lot of people out here. We take off our masks now to talk, but you see that people are outside without a mask. They are not protecting themselves. There are groups. We already know that the COVID and we have to be more careful ”, explained Yesenia Cruz.

County officials have suggested a voluntary evacuation for those who live in flood zones or in mobile or manufactured homes. At the same time, they have set up four shelters for the general population, one for people with special needs and one for pets. CDC guidelines following COVID-19 are being implemented in shelters.