Miami : Possible return to school in phase 2 of the reopening – .

Starting Monday, Miami Dade and Broward will join the rest of Florida’s counties in a second phase of Covid-19 reopening. The announcement was made by Governor Ron DeSantis along with Mayor Carlos Giménez and Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

The superintendent announced that next week he will meet with the school board and a team of experts to make a decision based on the number of infections and scientific recommendations.

We will continue to also follow the advice, observations and recommendations of the experts. For me, the most important thing is not a political decision, it is a decision informed by scientific data acquired here locally ”, said Carvalho.

Jeanette Núñez, Lt. Governor of Florida said that “It was important to give the option parents who work parents who have no possibility of staying home with their children, young children who simply cannot learn virtually.”

Two meetings with the school board and health experts are expected next week at which a decision could be made. But according to the superintendent, the district is ready for face-to-face classes.

On Monday, the county is analyzing what other businesses could reopen.