Miami : Preparations in Miami-Dade for possible passage of storm Isaías –

Carlos Giménez, Mayor of Miami Dade, says that “The tropical storm is currently passing through the Dominican Republic. If you follow that path we could have tropical winds and heavy rains this weekend in our county. ”

Thus we would face the danger that images of floods such as those that occurred recently in Miami, Doral, Miami Beach, in the Little Havana area and in other areas of Miami Dade could be repeated.

Carlos Giménez, Mayor of Miami Dade, says that “Everyone must make sure that their emergency equipment such as shutters and battery radios are working. Check that they have enough canned food and three days of water for each person. ”

Miami Dade has prepared to handle a tropical storm or possible hurricane amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Carlos Giménez says that “There is no plan now to make an evacuation order. That can change at any time depending on the path of the storm. ”

In the Brickell area that generally suffers floods after heavy rains, an apparent normality has reigned today. However, some of the apartments already had Hurricane protection shutters. The city of Miami has appealed to its residents.

Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami asks that “prepare now. We never know The intensity of the storm. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. ”

Meanwhile, residents of the city of Doral have begun preparing for the possible attacks of tropical storm Isaías.

Oscar Arce came to look for sand and says that “Picking up a bit of sand that the city is providing us to prevent if much rain comes, I put it at the entrance to the garage and on the doors to prevent water from entering the house and to the property ”.

The Miami and Miami Beach pumping stations are ready to deal with floods that could occur in situations of sustained and intense rainfall.