Miami : Raging house fire in northwest Miami leaves several injured – . (51)

Miami :

A house in a northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood dawned amid flames, where two people were injured. The images showed the magnitude of the raging fire that shook residents of the area.

David Martínez, says that “he woke up at 5:30 in the morning, with a roar that lifted us all over the block. This was a movie here. “

Half of the house ended up falling on top of the truck of a man who lives next door and makes roofs, and the other half in the house that was next door.

At approximately 5 a.m. Saturday, Miami-Dade firefighters responded to a fire alert at 8960 NW and 33rd Street.

“When we got to this house that was on fire, a lot of fire, a lot of fire everywhere,” the witnesses told us.

Neighbors seeing what was happening tried to put out the heavy flames before firefighters arrived.

“The moment I came out here I saw the candle and the hose from a neighbor who was there so I took the hose from the neighbor and started to pour water but an officer came and told me not to pour more water and because we did not know what kind of material there was ”.

With our speed we were able to put out the fire in good time and saved the other houses in the neighborhood.

The owners of the house confirmed that the two injured people are father and son, and that it really is a miracle that they are alive after the impact of this explosion.

Fortunately, the firefighters managed to control the fire but the house was left with evidence of total destruction after the shocking accident.

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