Miami : Requirements to apply for financial aid in Miami-Dade –

The fundamental requirements to access economic aid are two, firstly residing in Miami Dade and secondly having been economically affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ariel Flores, 27, lost his cleaning job at a Miami hotel in mid-March. You are now a good candidate to apply for financial aid that Miami Dade County will offer through the United Way.

To apply for help it is recommended to use a laptop, enter the website,, and it will take 30 minutes to fill out a form, which will ask for basic information such as …

-Florida driver’s license and / or government-issued photo ID.

-2018 or 2019 tax returns

-Bank account information

-Public service’s bill

-2 months of bank statements

-Verification of loss of income

María C. Alonso, President of United Way Miami Dade, says that “Each application will be evaluated individually and will be processed on a case by case basis, we hope that the distribution of funds will not take more than two weeks”

Funding for this program comes from federal assistance from the CARES Act, awarded to the state of Florida.

“The county knew that we had established a fund and for that reason it allocated $ 20 million from CARE Federal, to be able to increase the help that we can provide help to families and individuals who need this support so badly in such a difficult time”, says Alonso.

Households of one or two people will receive $ 1,000 if their applications are approved, while families of three or more will be able to get up to $ 2,000.

It is recommended not to send more than one request, because it will delay the processing of the information, the form is in three languages ​​including Spanish.