Miami : rescue baby left alone in car – .

TEXAS – A worrying situation occurred in the parking lot of a shopping center in the city of Duncanville, north Texas.

Authorities received a call about a boy who was alone in a vehicle in the vicinity of Gemini Avenue and S Cedar Ridge Dr.

When Officer Pinilla arrived on the scene, he had no choice but to break the glass of the truck to save the 1-year-old baby.

According to the report, the baby was in his seat with a belt, but was also crying, sweating, and covered in vomit. Pinilla immediately took him to his patrol car that had air conditioning and called paramedics.

Fortunately, the incident did not happen to more, but authorities identified the mother, grandmother and two other brothers of the boy.

For now, officers are handling the case as an accident and communication problem between relatives. However, Denton police indicate that the case has been referred to the Child Protective Service (CPS) and a grand jury in Dallas County to determine whether or not they should file civil or criminal charges.

The crying of the baby, who still had the umbilical cord, allowed them to locate her to rescue her.

Authorities remind the community about the importance of always making sure that no one is inside the vehicle after parking and going anywhere, especially with the high temperatures that are being experienced.

“Both the officer and the person who called will be remembered as heroes after having avoided a tragedy,” the police said in a statement.