Miami : Residents prepare for Hurricane Isaías –

The last thing many want to hear is having to prepare for a hurricane, but it could be inevitable during this season.

The county has 20 shelters ready, but they don’t think they need to be opened this time. Amid the threat of the Coronavirus, shelters will have more space to maintain distance if necessary.

A recommendation for everyone is that, when purchasing the necessary supplies for this hurricane season, do not forget the hygiene products

In addition to disinfectants, they recommend two cloth masks per person or enough disposable masks.

The Governor of Florida declared a state of emergency for counties on the east coast of Florida and stated that the emergency preparedness department is ready to face a hurricane this season.

Although very strong sustained winds are not expected if there could be gusts of tropical storm, the authorities asked that as of today the restaurants keep all the tables and chairs they have outside to serve customers according to the new regulations.