Miami : South Florida man claims he was brutally beaten for being Hispanic – .

A South Florida man was brutally beaten while walking his dog in his neighborhood, and his family believe he was attacked because he is Hispanic.

The attack occurred Tuesday night in the area of ​​Southwest 47th Street and 133rd Avenue in Kendall Lakes. Marcelo Labra, 58, was walking his Chihuahua when two men began harassing and attacking him, his family said.

“Someone first hit him and the other people held his arms behind his back. And then they kept hitting him and hitting him until he was practically unconscious,” said Sabrina Enciso, Labra’s granddaughter.

Labra was left with a swollen eye and bruised and bloody lips. Enciso said his grandfather is too traumatized to speak, NBC6 noted.

“It’s very confusing for him,” he said. “He just knows he’s never experienced anything like this in his life. He said they could have let him die.”

“It’s a lot. It’s a routine he’s done every night. This is something he does all the time, at the same time. And now all of a sudden he catches you off guard.”

The family believes that the attack was a hate crime and that Labra was attacked for being Mexican.