Miami : Supreme Court authorized delivery of Trump’s tax return

Miami :

The United States Supreme Court on Monday denied a request by Donald Trump’s defense to prevent his tax returns from being delivered to a New York prosecutor.

The high court did not provide details on how the magistrates voted and referred to the publication of the decision, after a long court battle to prevent the Manhattan prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, from accessing the tax records of the former president.

Trump must hand over his financial records in New York

In this sense, the former US president must deliver his financial records to the Southern District of the New York Prosecutor’s Office headed by Vance, who is investigating whether the Trump Organization falsified business records to conceal clandestine payments in exchange for the silence of two women, including an actress adult film, Stormu Daniels.

Within this vein, Vance froze the subpoenas for the tax returns to be delivered until the Supreme Court made a decision on the Trump team’s request.

However, the Big Apple prosecutor had a brief reaction to the announcement on his Twitter account that “The work continues”, implying that the subpoenas will be somewhat reactivated, which could lead to a legal battle with representatives of Trump.

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