Miami : The house of two Mercy nurses catches fire –

A couple of nurses who daily face the coronavirus pandemic live their worst nightmare. The fire in her house.

They fight daily against the coronavirus, but were unable to save a much-loved family member, caught in the fire in their home.

It is not yet known what may have caused the fire, but they believe it may have been in the kitchen. Unfortunately the couple was unable to save a very dear member of the family, their pet.

The afternoon of this Wednesday, July 29, could not have been more devastating for Ayleen and her husband Ryan Apathy, two nurses in the first line of confrontation with COVID1-9, at the Mercy hospital in Miami.

The couple with 10 years of marriage and two children, regrets the material losses, the memories and the destruction of their first home, but the most heartfelt thing is the death in the fire of a very dear member of the family.

“More than anything our 10 year old puppy, who has been with us since before we got married and the whole house … but for us the horrible thing is our puppy,” says Ayleen.

TRACK Mack was apparently on the second floor of the house and as much as the neighbors tried to rescue him, he was caught in the flames. The fire, according to this young mother, started in the kitchen.

While they resolve their situation, Ayleen and her family sleep at the home of family or friends and appreciate the immediate help received by their community.

Now they are wondering how to rebuild their home, without downplaying the profession.

Precisely that was the advice left by this young couple, take care not to catch the coronavirus. Destroying your home will eventually have a solution, but not losing your life.