Miami : They collect rubble to avoid floods – Telemundo Miami (51)

Official agencies in South Florida are preparing for the possible arrival of Hurricane Isaías on our shores, so they are dealing with collecting garbage, debris and debris that could plug sewers and drains.

Mario Núñez, Director of Solid Waste, says that “We are moving heavy machinery to strategic points working with the Fire Department, under the command of the strategic management unit of the Fire department”

Dozens of trucks like this one circulate around the city collecting all kinds of waste that could become dangerous objects that can cause serious damage with the force of the wind.

“We are able to respond as soon as the winds drop below 35 miles per hour, we have that capacity and we are prepared for it,” says Núñez.

Today many Miami residents came to the solid waste dumps to dispose of their objects.

Some anticipate the possible arrival of the hurricane by collecting their debris and debris themselves, then deposit them in places designated by the authorities.