Miami : They warn of possible “key role” of teachers in the contagion of COVID-19

Miami :

A recent study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed what many feared could happen with the reopening of schools, that is, that they became sources of contagion of COVID-19 of not following the guidelines issued by the health authorities.

The investigation revealed that “educators could play a key role in transmission networks within schools”.

In this regard, the infectious disease doctor José González stressed that it is necessary to evaluate the levels of incidence of the infection in the school community, to assess whether or not schools can be opened.

He recalled in an interview for the program Say it Here with the Community, that until now it has not been established as mandatory for teachers to be vaccinated.

He stressed that the government is expected to indicate the next steps to follow in the coming days.

He also indicated that it is necessary for schools to understand that masks should be used all the time, but also that ventilation be maintained and the necessary social distancing be kept.

According to the CDC, in only one of the outbreaks a student was the first recorded case, while a teacher was the first documented infection in four of the outbreaks. In the other four, it is not known which was the first case.

Faced with the imminent return of students to classrooms, after the CDC published the guidelines for the reopening of schools in the United States, conflicting points of view have emerged regarding the fear that children and young people do not follow biosafety standards.

Of the nine outbreaks, eight involved possible teacher-to-student transmission. In two outbreaks, teachers infected each other during in-person meetings or lunches, and a teacher spread the virus to other students.

However, in all Georgia cases, the guidelines involving the ideal “physical distancing” were not followed, as the students were less than one meter (3 feet) apart, even though there were plastic gaps between the desks.

“Physical distance greater than 1.8 meters (6 feet) was not possible due to the high number of students and the layout of the classrooms,” the authors of the document cite.

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