Miami : Thousands travel through Miami airport despite warnings – . (51)

Miami :

Not even the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped millions of people who decided to take a flight during this Thanksgiving holiday, and especially at Miami International Airport (MIA), which already registers a huge flow of travelers.

Since Friday, the number of passengers exceeded 62,000 per day and it is estimated that the figure will reach 80,000 on Sunday, November 29 when the holiday ends.

In total, 621,000 passengers are expected, about half of what was registered last year.

“The numbers are increasing especially compared to when the pandemic broke out,” said Jack Varela, MIA spokesman.

“They had decreased to 3,000 daily and passed to 62,000 daily commuters.

And while public health experts recommend staying home,
millions defied alerts nationwide.

Due to the high flow of passengers, the National Transportation Security Administration increased the staff.

And, although it is not mandatory, authorities recommend taking a test for COVID-19 before flying. Also, remember to contact your airline and make sure you are aware of the restrictions at certain international destinations.

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