Miami : Trial set for March 2021 –

The defense of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle participated this Thursday, August 6, in a virtual hearing in which the starting date of the trial for involuntary manslaughter was set for March 15, 2021.

Last April, a Florida appeals court rejected the self-defense argument presented by the Mexican actor’s lawyers.

Attorney Bruce Lehr told Efe on Wednesday that the Mexican’s appeal to a Third District court “was denied several weeks ago.”

Lyle’s defense had appealed a first-stay ruling by Judge Alan Fine, who denied him applying a Florida self-defense law known as “Stand Your Ground” to his case that would save him from going to trial. .

The previous judge in the case, Alan Fine, had already denied Lyle’s defense the possibility of using this legal figure known as “Stand Your Grand”, but his lawyers appealed that ruling, until the opinion of the appeals court was published. in which it explains the reasons for denying the request.

In April 2019, Juan Ricardo Hernández, an elderly man of Cuban origin, died in a hospital four days after allegedly having been beaten by Lyle, after an argument over a traffic incident that was captured on camera.

Lyle has been under house arrest in Miami, with an electronic shackle and without a passport since April 9, 2019, while his defense has insisted on the use of the self-defense argument.

In January, Judge Marlene Fernández Karavetsos had denied him the possibility of traveling to Mexico, which had been requested by his defense.

The lawyers had asked the court to allow Lyle to leave the United States and go to Mexico. Judge Fernández Karavetsos heard the arguments and made her decision known on January 22.

A surveillance camera captured the moment when actor Pablo Lyle allegedly punches a Cuban who died days later.

Lyle’s attorneys, Bruce Lehr and Phillip Reizenstein, had requested permission from the judge on January 15 for the actor to travel to Mexico while the appeal was being resolved.