Miami : Trump denies Biden access to daily intelligence report – .

WASHINGTON – Unlike previous leaders, President Donald Trump – who questions the election results – has not given President-elect Joe Biden access to a highly confidential intelligence report.

National security and intelligence experts hope that Trump will change his attitude, as the incoming president must be prepared from day one to address any national security problem that arises.

The report is known as the Daily Presidential Report (PDB).

“Our adversaries are not waiting for the transition to be consumed,” said former Republican legislator Mike Rogers, who chaired the lower house intelligence committee.

“Joe Biden should receive the PDB starting today. You need to be aware of the latest threats and start making plans for them. This is not a political issue, but a national security issue.

From the moment he occupies the Oval Office, Biden will face crucial foreign relations issues.

A Republican strategist details the president’s plan.

One of them is a new nuclear arms control agreement with Russia.

If Trump doesn’t negotiate a pact in the coming weeks, Biden will have just 16 days to take action before the latest treaty limiting the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals expires.

American spies may have collected information about the position of the Russians and the weapons they want to exclude from the deal.

He came out in defense of the president by stating that he has the right to request vote counts.

That’s the kind of information that could appear in the PDB, a summary of confidential information and analysis of national security problems that presidents have received daily since 1946.

It is coordinated and delivered by the office of the national intelligence director with information from the CIA and other agencies. Depending on the wishes of each president, it can be an oral or written report or both, a short summary or a long report, on paper or on a computer screen.

Access to the PDB would allow Biden to craft a possible response to North Korea, which often launches missiles or conducts nuclear tests when there is a transfer of command in the United States.

Secretary of State’s remarks come as Trump refuses his projected election defeat

Biden has decades of experience in foreign affairs and national security, but he is probably not aware of the latest information about Iran and uranium enrichment, or the cyberattack operations of Russia, China and the Islamic Republic.

Chinese repression in Hong Kong is increasing. Additionally, the threat from Islamic extremists, although contained in part, still persists.

Biden tries to downplay the lack of access to the PDB.

“Obviously, the PDB would be useful, but it is not necessary. I am not the president right now, ”he said Tuesday.

Asked if he had tried to communicate with Trump on this or any other matter, he simply replied, “Mr. President, I look forward to speaking with you.”

“Access to confidential information is useful,” he added. “But I am not in a position to make decisions on these matters. As I said before, one president at a time. He will be president until January 20. It would be nice to have it, but it’s not crucial. “