Miami : UM and Miami Dade firefighters unite and show how to save lives – .

The tense scene on Tuesday afternoon was a spectacular accident. A driver was trapped and had to be removed from the vehicle.

“Get the person out as quickly as possible. But as safe as possible ”.

And you wonder how this victim is. It’s okay because everything has been a drill ”.

The drill was part of a training by the Miami Dade Fire and Rescue Department’s extraction team in conjunction with the Gordon Center at the University of Miami.

“When there is a very complicated accident and what do we do to get the patient out.”

At National Health Care Simulation Week, the event showcased how skills, training and technology come together to save lives.

“If you imagine being in a car and not knowing what is happening, all the sounds around you are because there are many pieces of equipment that we are going to be using that make a lot of noise. We try as much as possible to put a paramedic inside the car so that person is with the patient the entire time. Explain everything that is happening. I assured him that everything is going to be fine and he will advise the patient and determine what that patient will need when he gets out of the car ”.

“And it should be noted that the Miami Dade County Fire and Rescue Department is third in the world in this type of training … which makes us think that we have one of the best county in the world in our county.”