Microsoft announces a paid version for Teams with AI-powered features

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI continues to bear fruit. The company directed by Satya Nadella has announced a premium plan for Teams, its communication platform, with new features powered by artificial intelligence, and more specifically, by GPT-3.5, an updated version of the language model on which ChatGPT is based.

The highlight of Microsoft Teams Premium, which will be available individually for $7/month or $10/month starting in June, is the smart recap feature. This, we reiterate, is powered by GPT-3.5, and allows users to get a summary and relevant information from a meeting automatically.

The AI, therefore, is in charge of transcribing the meeting and creating notes with the most important aspects that have been discussed in it, as well as recommending tasks to do that have been mentioned in the video call. It is even capable of marking the moments in which one person has mentioned another so that they can easily find out that they have spoken.

Microsoft Teams Premium also has some security and privacy features that aren’t available in the free version of the platform. These are precisely functions that could help to prevent leaks of confidential information. Among them, the possibility of applying a watermark to the video call, a sensitive content label or limiting the members to be able to record the meeting and copy the text of the conversations.

Another feature is the ability to create webinars and add additional features such as waiting lists, start times, or meeting rooms.

Microsoft removes features from the free version of Teams to include them in the paid version

Microsoft has also decided to do without some functions in the free version of Teams to add them in the new Premium version. One of them is the option to apply subtitles to video calls. Also becoming a premium feature are custom Conference Mode scenes, which allow you to create scenarios with different templates in which to add all the members, so that it seems that they are all summoned in one place.

The virtual appointments feature, which allows you to schedule, view, and manage appointments on the platform, is now also a feature of Microsoft Teams Premium. This, yes, will be available for free for users of the traditional Teams version for 30 days. The ability to turn on subtitles for video calls will also be available in the free version for a 60-day trial.