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During the process of creating the first Xbox, Microsoft I disassembled a PlayStation 2 To find out the internal components that a video game console should include, the cost of them and how to make them. The information comes from an interesting report published by Bloomberg where, by those involved, the Microsoft’s foray into the world of consoles.

The then in charge of business planning, Aaron Greenberg (currently responsible for the marketing of games on Xbox), reveals in the aforementioned article that they had to buy the Sony console, who will be their main competitors in the following years, to find out your console’s manufacturing needs and internal layout Of the same.

“In the old days there weren’t any companies that did shredding”he says in reference to those YouTube channels that take apart tech gadgets to show their insides, “so we really had to catch a PS2, we completely disassembled it and we put [los componentes] on a giant wooden board. “

Xbox Bill Gates Jap announcement

“We did a complete competitive analysis,” continues the manager, “and we review each component, each piece, and increase the price, we try to find out how many screws [tena] and how much it would cost. “After all, as others involved in the process of creating the console recounted in the interview, Microsoft had no experience in developing hardware; in fact, at the beginning the idea was to make a PC that uses Windows, but that concept was soon discarded in favor of a system with its own software.

Xbox Series X / S will continue with stock issues until April

Twenty years after the launch of the first Xbox, Microsoft is at its fourth generation consoles, with the premiere last November Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Spain. The two machines are sold out all over the world, although units are occasionally arriving by dropper in stores; those of Redmond assured that in the spring the stock will normalize.

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