Microsoft prepares the ground to start testing Windows 12 with its new Canary Channel

The more time progresses, the more it seems that Windows 12 could be the worst kept secret in all of recent history. Microsoft. Since over the last few months we have seen multiple reports, leaks and rumors circulating that seem to suggest that this would be, at least, an active project that the company is working on.

It is more than true that Windows 11 is in a critical stage of its deployment after its release. As usual with these platforms, its launch has been turbulent thanks to the recurring presence of multiple bugs, glitches, failures and details that do not keep it as a 100% stable system.

This is all a normal part of the evolution and life cycle of an operating system, particularly if it is developed by Microsoft. But the more we live with this software, the clearer this impression remains that it is a transition program where the best will probably come with the next version.

In fact, since the month of October 2021, the first conceptual arts began to emerge among amateur designers who projected what a hypothetical future version of Windows 12 could look like.

Since then and to date, this fixation has been established to polish all the areas of opportunity that the current version clearly leaves open.

But now everything indicates that its own creators could be close to making the leap.

Why Microsoft’s Canary Channel represents the prelude to Windows 12

The official Twitter account of Windows Insider Program It has just recently published all the details about its new Canary Channel that will become the new axis for future beta test releases of its platform.

In other words, the firm will now use its newly created Canary Channel to test builds of the Windows operating system that, one way or another, will lay the foundations for what will end up being the Windows 12 already longed for by many.

As described in the entry of his official blog Where they further detail the entire project, this Canary Channel will be used to test specific features that “require a longer lead time” before reaching the public.

Such an assertion immediately leads to connecting the dots and relating it to a platform that has such a level of conditions and demand for care.

It is not necessary to think much to conclude that they could be referring to Windows 12 and that the program could already be in some more advanced management than imagined.