Microsoft wants to buy TikTok, should Apple do it sooner?

Political pressures have taken effect and the future of TikTok in the United States is hanging by a thread. After months of threats against the application of Chinese origin, it has finally been banned. To guarantee its continuity in the United States and other territories Microsoft has publicly confirmed its intention to buy TikTok.

Both Microsoft and TikTok’s parent company ByteDance have formally notified their intention to explore a preliminary proposal that would involve the purchase of the application in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. According to Microsoft spokesmen, the agreement will guarantee the “World-class security, privacy and digital security protection”, which the Donald Trump government has questioned regarding the social network.

The future of TikTok awaits for the approval of the United States government

According to information shared by macrumors, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella maintains constant communication with President Donald Trump to analyze the possible purchase, and it is understood that the President Trump is personally involved as they go.

Currently, TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, which according to Chinese laws is obliged to deliver all the data collected from users, if required. TikTok gathers a large amount of user data and has generated Considerable concerns regarding censorship and privacy in the United States.

In this sense, Microsoft assures that TikTok’s new operating model would be built to ensure transparency for users, as well as adequate security supervision by governments in these territories:

“To the extent that such data is currently stored or backed up outside the United States, Microsoft will ensure that this data is removed from servers outside the country after it is transferred.”

According to reports generated so far, discussions between ByteDance and Microsoft will be completed no later than September 15. The negotiations are still preliminary, and “There are no guarantees” that an agreement will be reached. In this case, should Apple take a similar initiative?

Despite the variety of services and technologies developed by Apple, social networks are still a foreign scenario for the Cupertino company And TikTok would certainly represent a grand entrance in this niche.

Also, and as the most liquid company in the world, this would be an ideal opportunity to make a large investment in a company of strategic importance, especially, after so long since the last similar transaction, which occurred in 2018 with the purchase of Shazam by $ 400 million.