Mike Pompeo cancels his visit to Belgium as Trump faces impeachment threat

Mike Pompeo on Tuesday canceled his visit to Belgium as US Secretary of State, scheduled for this week, while Donald Trump is threatened by an indictment in Congress eight days before the end of his term.

For a “smooth and orderly transition”

Officially, the head of US diplomacy, one of the outgoing Republican president’s most loyal ministers, has decided to stay in Washington to facilitate a “smooth and orderly transition” with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s team, according to one. State Department press release.

Mike Pompeo was to travel to Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday to meet Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in order, in particular, to “underline the lasting importance of the transatlantic partnership”, often pushed around by President Trump over the past four years.

The trip, billed as his last abroad, was announced Monday.

But it would coincide with the probable vote Wednesday, in the United States House of Representatives, of a second indictment of Donald Trump for having “incited the violence” which hit the Capitol last week.

Trump’s staunch ally

Democrats urge Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution to declare the president incompetent, failing which they will put him on trial in the Senate – a move that is ultimately unlikely to succeed .

Mike Pompeo, while condemning the assault on Capitol Hill, has never clearly distinguished himself from Donald Trump, unlike a growing number of Republicans.

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