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Miley Cyrus shocked her 45.5 million fans on Twitter on Friday morning by sharing a topless photo. The 28-year-old, who appears on the cover of the January 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, captioned the nude photo: “THEY TOLD ME THAT I HAD TO COVER, SO I WENT ANOTHER WAY.”

On Instagram, where the “Plastic Hearts” singer has 116 million followers, she posted the same photo but had the “Rolling Stone” logo plastered on her chest.

Cyrus is promoting his seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, which was released last Friday. She told the magazine that the record has an ’80s rock and roll edge:

“I could say that I planned it, damn it, and that I’m a fucking strategy genius, but no,” he said. “I never know what kind of record I’m trying to make when I start doing it. And then because of what my lifestyle is like and where I am in my life, it always fits in and it works because it’s honest. I grew up listening to country music; we are storytellers. Each album tells a story. “

While the former Disney star who posts a topless photo may appear to be acting out of control, Cyrus notes in the Rolling Stone cover story that “I am free, but I feel responsible. I take my physical and mental health much more seriously than ever ”.

Cyrus told Rolling Stone that he finds it difficult to fall back into drugs

Cyrus detailed his struggles with drugs and alcohol in the new interview with Rolling Stone. She said: “I have not used drugs in years. But you never know. Fucking things happen. But sitting here with you right now, I’d say it would have to be really bad for me to relapse into drugs. “

“Ayahuasca was definitely one of my favorite drugs that I have ever taken,” he continued. “When I did, I asked everyone else in the room, ‘Has your whole life changed? Are you a new person? They all looked at me and said, ‘No,’ and they said, ‘You’re so extreme. Of course, you have to have the most extreme ride of all. ‘

“Actually, the shaman said that people take ayahuasca three, four times, sometimes 30 times before having the kind of trip that I had,” he explained. “I saw the snakes right away, and the snakes come and grab you and take you to Mama Aya, and she guides you through the whole trip, and it was crazy. Although I loved it ”.

Cyrus remains committed to staying sober despite relapse amid coronavirus

While Cyrus stopped drinking in January, she is proud to say that after a recent relapse, she is sober again for 5 weeks. He previously revealed in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music’s New Music Daily on November 23 that he drank again amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“For me, it sucked because I’m not a moderate person, and I don’t think everyone has to be fucking sober,” he said. “I think everyone should do what is best for them. I don’t have a drinking problem. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go too drunk. “


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