Millwall fans boo their team for kneeling against racism: “We are shocked and saddened”

The return of the English football fans has not gone as well as the Millwall, after a few sultry images that have starred their fans in the match in which the lions faced Derby County.

Madeleine wright

As in the beginning of each game since the competition was resumed after the first confinement, the players and referees kneel in solidarity with the fight against racism.

However, this gesture did not like anything to the fans of the local team, who did not hesitate to boo the players when they paid the aforementioned tribute. An action that has caused much commotion and much criticism from the highest levels of English football.

For example, from the EFL, organization in charge of the minor leagues it was shown “disappointed“and, for its part, the FA”condemns the behavior from any viewer who actively opposes “anti-racism displays.

Millwall himself has also wanted to refer to these acts through a statement expressing his “dismay and sadness over the events in The Den.” “The club has worked tirelessly in recent months to prepare for the return of the fans and what should have been an exciting and positive occasion was completely overshadowed, to the immense disappointment of those who have contributed to these efforts, “they criticized.

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