The Cincinnati of MLS posted the wrong photo in the tweet announcing the hiring of former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam as its new manager.

And it wasn’t the first time that the shaven-headed strategist is mistaken for someone else who has a similar appearance.

“It’s happened before, but yesterday was a big surprise,” Stam said on Friday.

The club announced the hiring on Thursday, through a tweet that mistakenly included the photo of Tinus van Teanenbroek, a technician from Ajax’s lower forces.

Soon after, Cincinnati made the announcement again, this time with the correct photo and message: “Join us in welcoming our true coach, Jaap Stam.”

The word “true” was highlighted in the text.

Stam told the team’s website that he was grateful for the attention the error had drawn around his appointment. He claimed he is used to being confused.

“There are many people without hair. In the Netherlands, sometimes people say, ‘Jaap is there!’ ”He said. “It’s a pretty normal thing.”

Other MLS clubs took advantage of the mistake and tweeted photos of other people who would resemble Stam. The technician said it amused him.

“Someone sent me that, and I can appreciate that too,” Stam said Friday, during a video conference call. “At some point, we need to laugh a little too.”

Stam replaces Ron Jans, who left in February, after an investigation found that he had used a racist insult in the locker room. The investigation was opened following a complaint from the MLS players union.

Cincinnati has named its third coach during his short life in the league. He made his debut last year as an expansion team and removed Alan Koch after his eleventh game in the top flight – two wins, two draws and seven losses.

Stam, 47, has also coached Reading England (2016-18), as well as Zwolle (2018-19) and Feyenoord (2019) in his native Netherlands.

As a central defender, he won three Premier League titles, an FA Cup and the 1999 Champions League, with United.