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Simpsons Hit & Run was born as an attempt to mimic the success of Grand Theft Auto with a popular franchise, but it ended up being a classic that many fondly remember. So it’s no surprise that modders are striving to improve the experience. An example is a talented player who connected all the areas of Simpsons Hit & Run to turn it into a true open world.

If you’ve ever played Simpsons Hit & Run, you know that this gem from 2003 is divided into 3 different maps. To go from one point to one you have to go through loads of screens. Such an open world game these days would be strange, but those were some of the limitations of that era.

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The modder known as Colou didn’t like this. For this reason, he decided to get to work to make Simpsons Hit & Run the open world game that he always should have done. What he did was design a mod that connects the 3 zones of the game and frees it from loading screens.

To do so, the modder had to add new elements like bridges so that you can take your favorite car and explore all of Springfield in comfort and freedom. It is worth mentioning that this was done without affecting elements such as animations and gags, although it did have to modify other minor elements so that the interconnected world made sense.

You can see it in action below:

This Simpsons Hit & Run mod will have a new version

Looks great, right? However, you should know that Colou’s work is not done yet. In fact, he is already preparing a new version of this project.

What Colou wants to do is present a mod that allows the Simpsons Hit & Run campaign to take advantage of its interconnected world. In this way, it could become the ultimate way to enjoy the open world experience. Nothing bad!

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We will be pending and we will inform you if the bite achieves its objective.

Did you like this mod? Did you dream of something like that for Simpsons Hit & Run? Tell us in the comments.

Simpsons Hit & Run is available for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Cube. You can learn more about this project by clicking here

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