Modern Laboratory will request authorization for vaccine against COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccine
Emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine.

UNITED STATES. The Modern laboratory informed that it will request this Monday from US regulators and Europe that allow the emergency use of your COVID-19 vaccine. This, because the results of a new study confirm that vaccines offer strong protection.

Moderna is right behind Pfizer and from his German partner BioNTech looking to start vaccinations in the US in December. On the other hand, British regulators are also evaluating the Pfizer vaccine and another from AstraZeneca.

This pharmaceutical created its vaccines with US National Institutes of Health and he already had a clue that they were working, but he said he got the final necessary results over the weekend that suggest the vaccine is more than 94% effective.

Out of 196 cases of COVID-19 so far in its huge American study, 185 were trial participants who received the placebo and 11 who received the actual vaccine.

This yields an efficiency of 94.1%, similar to 94.5% reported weeks, when the study reported 95 infections.

“The only people who know got sick seriously there are 30 participants, including one who died, they had received the false dose “said the Dr. Tal Zaks, the company’s chief medical officer at Cambridge, Massachusetts. This would indicate that the vaccine, in addition to preventing infection, would also defend the body from serious cases.

Vaccines ready at the end of the year

If the FDA allows emergency use, Moderna expects to be 20 millions of doses ready for the US by the end of the year.

Recipients will need two doses (applied 28 days apart), so that’s enough for 10 million people. For its part, Pfizer expects to have 50 million doses globally in December.

Outside of the US, company He said significant supplies from Moderna will be available later, “in the first quarter” of next year. “Obviously we are doing everything we can to increase capacity and speed up deadlines,” he said.

Moderna said the vaccines’ efficacy and good safety record thus far “with only temporary, flu-like side effects” mean they meet the requirements set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Although this formula uses the same technology as that of RNA Pfizer courier, it does not need temperatures below 70 degrees below zero, so its transport and storage would be cheaper and accessible to rural areas or developing economies.

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