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The Moderna pharmaceutical vaccine would be highly effective, as it would provide immunity for a minimum period of one year.

Vaccines against Coronavirus Covid-19 they are already here. But as we have seen with the case of China Sinovac in reality they are not always as effective as they appear and each project has proven to have a different effectiveness.

Even so, among the entire range of supply one of the biggest doubts is what is the period of immunity achieved by each vaccine.

Fortunately, in this regard, the Modern Pharmaceutical has great news, since its vaccine would protect those who use it for a long time.

Up to one year of immunity with Moderna

According to a report from the Informative Agency ., Moderna participated in the recent Conference of J.P. Morgan Healthcare, where he revealed that his vaccine based on messenger RNA (mRNA) would provide immunity to the patient for at least one year.

Although, they stressed, to achieve this coverage period it will be necessary to take the two doses required by the full treatment.

The protection would be at least 12 months, but in reality it could extend up to over 5 years. But to verify the exact time it would be necessary to do more studies.

The secret of its efficiency would lie precisely in its mRNA technology, where an attenuated or inactivated virus is not injected, but rather comes with a series of « genetic instructions » for the body to recognize the SARS-CoV-2 and neutralize it.

The vaccine, which is codenamed mRNA-1273, will deliver between 600 and 1 billion doses around the world in 2021.

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