Money and data: Trump’s weapons to fight for control of the Republican Party

15 minutes. Former US President Donald Trump will claim full control of the Republican Party in his speech next Sunday in Orlando, the first he will give after leaving the White House.

“The message will be: I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I am still in office,” sources from his close environment transferred to Axios.

According to these, Trump wants to present himself as the “presumed candidate” for the 2024 elections by the Republicans. However, it is still unclear if he will eventually run for it.

“Trump is effectively the Republican Party (…) When you attack President Trump, you are attacking the Republican bases,” the former president’s adviser, Jason Miller, told said media.

Money and data to help Trump players

Trump’s political committee received numerous donations during the months in which he upheld the unproven thesis of electoral fraud. He currently has $ 75 million to finance Republican candidates for the internal primaries. These will be held in view of the elections to Congress and a third of the Senate to be held next year.

According to this information, Trump’s idea is to use these donations to promote Trump candidates, close to him. His objective is to help him dismount in the primaries those Republicans who have supported impeachment, those labeled by their environment as RINO -republicans in name only in their translation from English-.

The former president will meet with his advisers to design his strategy this week. One of the assets you have to accomplish your goals is the database of tens of millions of Americans that you collected over the past 5 years.

The fate of non-Trump Republicans

Among the Republicans who will presumably be challenged by Trump-backed candidates will be some who spoke openly against him or hold him responsible for the Assault on the Capitol. One of the names that jumps out is that of the congresswoman from Wyoming, Liz Cheeney.

Like her, many figures who were against the New York tycoon are “censored” – a figure typical of US politics equivalent to a reprimand – by the party in their home states.

The latest major Republican personality to be the subject of Trump’s ire is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Although the senator voted in favor of acquittal in the impeachment process, he later criticized his performance in the Assault on the Capitol.

In a statement published last week, the former president assured that if the Republican senators kept the senator from Kentucky as their leader “they would not win again.” He added that at such an important moment for the country, Republicans “could not allow third-rate leaders to decide their future.”

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