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In recent years, it has been frequent to see some news in the plan “Monolith Soft is looking for personnel for its X offices”, either for its own projects as a studio, or for those in which they actively collaborate. Did you know that without the help of 100 employees this talented company would not have been The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Or that they are working on its sequel? And it is that not only do they live from Xenoblade Chronicles or these collaborations with their parent company, Nintendo, but they are getting bigger and bigger, so it would not be surprising that we soon learn of new projects.

Hirohide Sugiura, President of Monolith Soft, recently chatted with Famitsu about the significance of all these hires, which are not intended, of course, to just increase their number of employees, but to have enough staff to handle all the assignments that are being made to them, as well as their own jobs, and the power to cope with any work that comes to them from the future, without unexpected situations such as the current global pandemic affecting them.

«Hirohide Sugiura: It is not that we are focusing on increasing the number of employees in the offices we already have. Rather, we are trying to meet the needs of our projects and the scope of what is being asked of us. And we are still hiring in order to reach our goals, so I hope that anyone who is interested will contact us. However, I think we will also notice the effects of the decline in the birth rate in Japan so let’s continue. So while there will be people with a variety of different circumstances, as long as we prepare for what is to come, we can make it easier to join in developing a game. So regardless of whether or not the current coronavirus situation calms down, I want us to continue to maintain a work-from-home environment. ”

Monolith SoftMonolith SoftThe artwork of Monolith Soft that has been wishing us to see it embodied in a video game for almost 10 years

If you are one of those who have played games like the Xenoblade Chronicles series, you may be one of those who love Monolith Soft, so you can expect that being such a beloved company is something that should satisfy those who work in this company. One of Sugiura’s objectives is precisely that your company employees are proud to have worked there when they retire and look back on their career. The Japanese also seeks to break all barriers so that games reach every corner of the world to make all people happy, without being a luxury that only the countries of the “first world” have access.

«Hirohide Sugiura: Rather than being a company that is always on the run, I want us to be a company that sustains itself. I wish that when our employees retire and look back on their careers, that they can say ‘I am completely proud to have worked here’. And I don’t want the video game industry to be something accessible only to rich nations or first world countries. I hope that the barriers can be broken and accessibility to enjoy video games is extended, because video games put smiles on people’s faces. “

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You know what? Here the one who writes is a huge fan of Monolith Soft, and does not distrust the words of its president, since they are surely with all his heart. You can see in everything this company does that real affection that seeks to please the players who give their video games a chance. I am looking forward to meeting the next thing they are secretly preparing… sure just like you! Who knows? Perhaps 2021 will be a key year to unveil it …

Monolith SoftMonolith SoftIn 2019, Monolith Soft turned 20 happy years of existence


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