More football: The Federation has no intention of suspending non-professional football

Luis Rubiales, during a press appearance EFE

The leaders of the Spanish Football Federation has summoned for Monday all the presidents of the territorial federations to analyze in detail the situation in which Spanish football finds itself and begin to draw up a possible calendar for the return of the competition. At no time does the City of Soccer propose to put an end to non-professional football and all the business that moves. The reason for the appointment is nothing more than to mark a line of action, check the evolution of each territory and from there make decisions.

Weeks ago, the Federation sent a statement to the Second B teams so that they were prepared for the start of the competition at the end of September. The health situation has worsened, but there is no intention to end or delay excessively the start of the competition. What they are clear about is that they do not intend to take any risks and seek to minimize the possible damage of a hasty return to competition.

The RFEF seeks a common agreement with the territorial ones, in the same line as the group of Spanish team sports federations and under the protection and the guidelines issued by the competent authorities in order to guarantee the health of all athletes who participate in official state competitions.

In this appointment with the territorial ones, the RFEF will put on the table the UEFA positioning and the decisions you are making, but which are not binding. n UEFA are clear that the situation does not invite optimism. The first decision was to postpone all the competitions of the different teams to spring. in the lower categories. The championships will start, at the earliest, in March. The priority is to recover the activity of the senior teams in September, but last week UEFA admitted that some matches can be played on neutral ground.

In recent days, given what was reported as a decision to suspend the start of football, some sectors mobilized and they have asked to participate in the appointment, but from the Federation they consider that this first step should be for the territorial