more than 70% of young people do not know who Antonio Tejero is

Do young Spaniards know who Antonio Tejero was and what happened 40 years ago? Most young people (75%) between 18 and 34 years old do not know who Antonio Tejero is, while 60.4% do not know what happened exactly 40 years ago, during the coup attempt on February 23, 1981.

This is how a survey carried out by NC Report for the diary The reason. It seems that young people do not know what exactly happened just 40 years ago, when the walls of the Congress of Deputies witnessed the frustrated coup led by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero.

Antonio Tejero in a moment of the coup of February 23, 1981. (ARCHIVE)

The attempted coup of 23-F turns 40 this Tuesday, and the historical episode, one of the moments most momentous of the Transition democracy, is now almost unknown to many of the new generations of Spaniards. For many citizens, compulsory education is the main source for learning history, but the abundance of content forces the educational system to discard certain chapters and address others in a superficial way.

“Is it related to the Twin Towers?”

“Is it related to the Twin Towers?”, It is questioned Unai, aged 18, asked by EFE on 23-F, before rectifying and responding that he believes that a coup d’état occurred, without being entirely sure.

His partner Anianna, 20He is aware that a “putsch” took place, but he would not be able to offer details and he does not know if it was successful. “I think it went wrong ”, comments. None of them know the figure of Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero, who burst into the Congress of Deputies shouting “everyone still!”

Only Lucía, 17 years old, “sounds like a Tejero”, but admits to having doubts about who organized the coup. “I guess military, but I’m not really sure,” she answers. Others like Rubén, 18, attribute the failed uprising to actor Fernando Tejero.

Most of the young people interviewed remember that there was an attempted coup, but does not know how to deepen or give more details about what happened in Spain that February 23, 1981.

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