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Norway is a true paradise for the electric car. In 2020, sales of electric cars exceeded those of vehicles with a combustion engine. An important milestone that confirms the success of electric mobility in the Nordic country. Models like the Audi e-tron, Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID.3 are a real success.

The electric car continues to gain ground in the Old Continent at an accelerated rate. However, the penetration that this type of sustainable mobility technology is achieving is being uneven depending on the market in which we are targeting. We can say that, today, Europe is a place of contrasts. Despite this, electrified vehicles, along with SUVs and crossovers, are being the “locomotive” that drives our automotive industry.

If we focus on the Scandinavian region and, more specifically on Norway, we will find ourselves before a true paradise for the electric car. An “oasis” in which these plug-in models reap a much higher market share than other countries in Europe. And proof of this picturesque situation are the car sales in Norway in 2020.

Video test of the Tesla Model 3, one of the best-selling electric cars in Norway in 2020

Norway, the country where more than half of the cars sold are electric

In the year 2020 54.3% of new car registrations in Norway corresponded to electric models, a figure that contrasts with that obtained in other major European markets. See the data for the UK, Germany, France and Spain, to name a few. In recent years the electric car has experienced meteoric growth in Norway. A rise that has been assuming the consummation of certain milestones such as the one indicated above.

The electric car sales in Norway They have received a strong boost thanks to the arrival of new models that are playing a leading role in the Old Continent. Models like the Volkswagen ID.3 or the MG ZS EV, one of the best cheap electric cars, are being key. New car sales reached 141,412 units, of which 76,789 corresponded to 100% electric cars.

One of the electric car manufacturers that can boast of having been key in the consummation of these sales figures is the Volkswagen Group. Models like Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback garnered exceptional demand. Of the Audi SUV there were 9,227, making it the best-selling electric in Norway. The second place went to the Tesla Model 3 and, closing the podium, in third position, is the Volkswagen ID.3 that has arrived at the dealerships stomping.

Volkswagen ID.3The Volkswagen ID.3 closes the year 2020 as the third best-selling electric in Norway

The Volkswagen ID.3 arrives at Norwegian dealerships stomping

Even though the new Volkswagen ID.3 has not been present in Norwegian dealerships in 2020, it has reached 7,754 registrations. It was able to overtake in a short space of time its most direct rival, the Nissan Leaf (4th). It even left behind its successor, the Volkswagen e-Golf (5th).

If this upward trend continues, Norway will become the first country to put an end to the sale of cars with internal combustion engines in the short term. Something that, in other parts of Europe, is more a dream than a realistic goal.

The 10 best-selling electric cars in Norway in 2020

RankingModelSales 20201Audi e-tron9.2272Tesla Model 37.7703Volkswagen ID.37.7544Nissan Leaf5.2215Volkswagen e-Golf5.0686Hyundai Kona Electric5.0297MG ZS EV3.7208Mercedes EQC3.6149Polestar 22.83110BMW i32.714

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