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The Lakers easily defeated the Rockets in Houston 102-120. Anthony Davis and LeBron again showed the way for the 5-0 away champions away.

The match did not go smoothly though. From the very beginning, DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Markif Morris confirmed the title of “bad guys”.

The beginning was made when the home team’s center pushed the Lakers player into a phase in the match, as a result of which he fell to the ground. Immediately the second one got up and did the same to his opponent, continuing to challenge in his own way.

As a result, he was expelled immediately, with Cousins ​​having received an “excellent 10” in the mind game that “Laker” tried to play.

And Cousins ​​may have been uniquely calm, but he was not.

LeBron made the drive and he put his hand firmly on the face of the “King”, with the referees dismissing him for unsportsmanlike foul.

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