Mortal Kombat reboot and upcoming Warner Bros. movies to debut on television

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As you surely know, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) brought many challenges for various industries in 2020. One of the most affected was the cinema, since a large part of the income it generates per year is obtained through premieres At the box office and sanitary restrictions made movie theater visits nearly impossible around the world. Well, the pandemic is not over yet, so these effects will continue to be present and some production companies have taken measures in this regard, such as Warner Bros., which announced that it will apply a somewhat radical model for its next releases.

If you are a fan of the world of cinema, you will know that this industry, like many, did not stop due to the coronavirus, but it was seriously affected in terms of income, since it did not have the usual box office success due to restrictions in theaters. movies. For this reason, many distribution companies decided to expand the scope of their productions by also broadcasting them on subscription services or television channels.

Warner Bros. to release its films in theaters and on television

This is precisely what will happen with Warner Bros. films. Through a statement (via Polygon), the entertainment company Warner Bros. Pictures Group revealed that due to the pandemic a hybrid film launch model will be implemented, for so users will have the possibility to go to theaters or see new productions from the comfort of their home.

According to the statement, Warner Bros. will take this measure as a “strategic response” to the complications that the pandemic is generating in the film business around the world, as we remember that in many places the conditions are not optimal to go to watching movies in theaters and many people simply do not want to expose themselves to possible contagion by seeing a movie in theaters.

“Nobody wants to return films to the big screen more than we do. We know that new content is the lifeblood of theatrical show, but we have to consider this with the reality that most theaters in the United States will likely operate at reduced capacity throughout 2021, “said Ann Sarnoff. , CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group.

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New Warner Bros. Movies to Be Seen on Television for a Limited Time

The Warner Bros. hybrid plan will go into effect in 2021 and will last that year, so any big-screen premieres scheduled for this period will follow suit. It is important that the transmission through HBO Max will be exclusive to the United States.

After serving 1 month being broadcast on HBO Max, “each film will leave the platform and continue in theaters in the United States and international territories, with all the usual distribution windows that apply to the title.”

That said, all of the Warner Bros. productions scheduled for 2021, such as The Little Things, Judas and the Black Messiah, Tom & Jerry, Godzilla vs. Kong, Those Who Wish Me Dead, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, In The Heights, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Suicide Squad, Reminiscence, Malignant, Dune, The Many Saints of Newark, King Richard, Cry Macho , The Matrix 4 and the reboot film based on the Mortal Kombat video game, will debut in film and television and will begin with the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day this year.

“We see this as a win-win for film lovers and exhibitors, and we are very grateful to our cinematographer partners for working with us on this innovative response to these circumstances,” said Sarnoff.

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We remind you that the Mortal Kombat film was scheduled to debut next January, but we learned a few weeks ago from one of the production managers that its premiere was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus, but it is expected to debut in 2021.

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