Mortal Shell and Hunting Simulator 2 will have versions for next-gen consoles – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Sony Playstation 5 :

More games from the past generation are preparing updates or native versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. The recent case of The Sinking City, which has been adapted to PS5 with visual improvements, now two more titles have been leaked than They will make the leap to the new consoles, or at least to PS5: Mortal Shell and Hunting Simulator 2. According to the Psnprofiles website, dedicated to collecting trophy listings on PlayStation, these two titles have appeared with their own trophies for the new Sony platform, something that is usually a preview of their announcement or launch – the information is collected automatically from the PlayStation Network -. The developers have not yet made any official announcement about it and we do not know if the update will be free or not.

Cold Symmetry’s Mortal Shell is the better known of these two games. It launched last summer on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and It is a Souls-like inspired by the FromSoftware saga, with role-playing and a demanding combat of dark fantasy that contributed some novelties such as the possession of bodies. “Our emaciated character will be able to possess the body of defeated warriors, knights with certain parameters and combat styles that are much better than our initial character. There are several systems that derive from this idea, such as strengthening the bond with their previous owners. “, we tell you in the analysis. The PS4 version -and therefore in compatible mode with PS5- is limited to 30 fps, so a PS5 version could increase the resolution and its frame rate.

Hunting Simulator 2 will also be updated

Hunting Simulator 2 is less known and perhaps that is why it is surprising that Neopica and Nacon are working on an update of this title aimed at a more minority audience. As can be deduced from the name, It is a hunting simulator that allows you to explore natural environments with great immersion It offers 33 species of animals with realistic behaviors. Last September PETA, the animal rights association, asked Nacon to change the firearms of the title for cameras with telephoto lenses to turn the hunting video game into a photographic “safari” game.

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