most common diseases and how to prevent them

There are very common diseases among this species and as owners, our responsibility is to be informed about them to help them if they suffer from any. Sometimes, some diseases can be fatal, so we must have controlled a exotic vets to contact in case of emergency.

Do you think your guinea pig is sick? Is she behaving strange? If you notice that your rodent does not want to eat or drink, it is difficult to breathe, drools or limps maybe you should start to worry. Any unusual behavior is a bad sign. Here are some of the most common diseases and problems in guinea pigs.

The malocclusion it is one of the most common diseases in these animals. It consists in that the teeth are getting bigger and bigger and they are not used in the proper way because they are not aligned. As a result, the teeth begin to grow on the opposite gums causing injuries and infections. Due to pain, the animal stops eating and loses a lot of weight. The solution would be to go to a veterinarian to have them trimmed or removed if necessary.

The tapeworms and worms are other common diseases that guinea pigs can suffer from. In case of perceiving that our pet has a swollen gut, we must check its stool to see if we find parasites. If so, the vet will prescribe a drug to eliminate them.

On the other hand, controlling the weight of our pet is very important for prevent you from being obese. Healthy guinea pigs usually weigh between a kilo and a kilo and a half. When our pet exceeds that weight, it is advisable to do a food reduction prescribed by an expert. Obesity is one of the most common diseases in these animals, so we must give them the appropriate foods.